Valentines Day at Mouille Point in a Self Catering Mouille Point Apartment

Stay in Mouille Point Self Catering Apartment for Valentines Day

From the start of the annual celebration of Saint Valentines, or more recognized Valentines Day, quite a big metamorphosis has taken place. On celebration of the Christian Saint Valentinus on the 14th February a romantic connotation was added through poets like Geoffrey Chaucer and it became a day that lovers and married couples show their love and appreciation towards each other. 

Gifts like flowers, chocolates, confectionary and greeting cards are exchanged creating this celebration into a retailers dream. The old ways of sending your beloved hand written poetry and notes has been replaced by mass produced cards and expensive gifts.

Although still a working day trying to get a last minute reservation at your favourite restaurant is quite difficult.




Mouille Point Accommodation for Valintines Day